Week 4 Blogging Challenge – Task 1

My text was:

On Saturday, my sister had a party with her friends and then one with family because it was her birthday. I went to both and had fun at both. On Sunday, my family and I went to church and then church friends’ house for lunch.

When I put it in the translator, it came out as:

On Saturday, my sister had a 🎉 with 👤👩⬅️ friends ➕ then 1️⃣ with 👪️ because it was 👤👩⬅️ 👼📅🎂. I ➡️ to both ➕ had fun at both. On Sunday, my 👪️ ➕ I ➡️ to ⛪️ ➕ then ⛪️ friends’ 🏠️ for lunch.

Week 4 Blogging Challenge – Task 2

It was 79th minute in the 3rd State of Origin match. It was a draw, 12 all but the Maroons had the ball. They were 6 meters away from the try line and Johnathan Thurston had the ball and kicked to what should have been a try, if a dog a dog hadn’t come out of nowhere and picked the ball up in it’s mouth, got through security and then give it to a boy waiting on his bike outside who took it and rode away with the ball under his arm and the dog running beside him.

Day for Daniel

Day for Daniel is a National child safety awareness day held on the 26th of October. It is the largest in Australia. Daniel Morcombe was abducted and murdered while he was waiting to catch a bus on the Sunshine Coast. His parents then set up the Daniel Morcombe in his legacy to try and promote child safety. To learn more click here.

T4 – W3 100WC

Being a lego man is not as easy as it looks. You have to freeze when a human is in the room and you can’t lash back at them when they throw you, step on you or put you next to something absolutely disgusting. This time Jack, my owner, hit a new worst. He left me outside, and it has been three days now! Those silly humans, they don’t ever build steps big enough for a lego person to go up and they don’t kill all the nasty pests in their gardens. Worst of all, they won’t let us take our owners to court!